Reasons to Hire a Dedicated Brand Manager

Brand management in marketing is used to increase the value of your company’s products or services in the eyes of consumers. It is used to build a loyal customer base by creating positive brand association which in turn increases sales. Unlike a product marketing manager who focuses on the designs and features of a particular product, a brand manager is responsible for all aspects of brand management and the overall image of your company and products projects to consumers. 

Some of the benefits you get when you hire an experienced brand manager include:

  • Increased brand recognition: potential customers will recognize you instantly through the efforts of a good brand manager.
  • Customer loyalty: once consumers know and trust a brand they tend to stick with it and its other products.
  • Brand analysis: brand managers analyze data to provide detailed feedback on the results of your brand strategy.
  • Increased sales: well managed branding will increase your sales and revenues.
  • Price leveraging: consumers are willing to pay a higher price for brands they know and trust than for unbranded products.

Now that you are aware of how important it is do you know how to find a manager for your brand? If you are looking for a brand manager you may want to consider hiring one through a remote outsourcing service like our company provides.

Benefits of Hiring a Remote Brand Marketing Manager over Hiring In-House

There are some definite advantages when you hire brand management remote specialists from countries like Ukraine instead of employing them in-house. Here are some of the benefits when you hire a remote digital brand manager.

benefits of hiring remote digital brand manager
  • Lower expenses: the salary for a remote brand development manager will typically be significantly less than that of a specialist you hire locally. You will also eliminate many other overhead expenses such as office space, equipment, paid vacations and sick days and health insurance to name a few.
  • Draw from a larger talent pool: when you are seeking a brand manager for hire in-house you are limited to the local talent pool unless you want to pay for relocation. By hiring remote branding specialists you have access to talent in different countries which makes it easier and faster to find the branding expert who meets all of your requirements.
  • Not as many contractual obligations: you can hire a social media brand marketer or other branding specialist on a per project basis instead of taking them on as a full time employee.
  • Experience: you will be hiring skilled professionals who have experience in branding management so less time will be spent on training.
  • More time to focus on your business: once you are relieved of the need to oversee day to day branding responsibilities you can focus more on actually running your business.

As you can see hiring a remote creative brand manager or another remote branding specialist can save time and money.

Brand Management Services the Experts We Hire Can Provide

A brand reputation manager has many different areas of responsibility. Here are some of the major brand reputation management services the specialists we hire for you can provide:

brand management services
  • Setting brand goals: one of the first services a brand manager will perform for your company is evaluating its main strengths and weaknesses. They need to understand your company’s core values, the quality of products/services provided and who your target market and audience is in order to develop a branding strategy.
  • Brand positioning: the product brand manager you hire from us uses brand positioning to distinguish your brand from your competitors. Some of the positioning strategies they may use include price/value positioning, benefit positioning and quality positioning. These strategies are used to present your company in a way so that consumers can see the true worth of what you are offering.
  • Brand promotion: brand promotion is a long term strategy that focuses on leaving consumers with a positive impression to develop a loyal customer base. The process entails marketing the brand name and logo instead of individual products and building brand equity. Many of the online branding strategies used will be similar to those used by a digital marketing manager although with the spotlight on brand rather than products.
  • Brand personalization: brand personalization uses audience and data analytics to provide services that meet customer’s individual needs. By collecting and analyzing information such as consumer’s web-search terms, browsing activities, recent purchases and other data a brand communications manager can provide consumers with a more personalized experience. Providing an experience customized to individual users helps build brand loyalty as it makes the purchasing process easier for the consumer.
  • Brand monitoring: brand monitoring is tracking any mentions of your brand on different channels such as social media sites, forums, websites and blogs. The brand content manager you hire will check what is being said about your brand and respond to both good and bad comments. They will also use data analysis to examine trends behind brand mentions. Brand mentions can also be categorized based on location, source, language and other factors so you know who is talking about your brand and why which also opens up more marketing opportunities.
  • Brand design: brand design has to do with your brands visual identity. This incorporates things such as your logo, colors your company uses and other factors that make your company recognizable. Your creative brand manager will also develop your company’s style guide which lays out regulations such as how logos can be used, standards for typography and image use, guidelines for color use across different channels, set editorial standards and more.

These are just some of the branding services our specialists can provide.

Why Our Company’s Brand Managers and Other Marketing Specialists Are in Demand

We are a Ukrainian company that you can use to hire brand marketing managers and other marketing specialists. Our company has been seeing a steady increase in demand for the marketing specialists we hire for businesses. The main values we offer that account for this include:

  • Affordable: we hire Ukrainian marketing specialists to provide the marketing services you need. Salaries for marketing professionals in Ukraine are up to 50% to 60% less than salaries for the equivalent marketing expert in Western Europe and North America which translates to big savings for you.
  • Superior marketing experts: our company only hires marketing professionals from the top 10% in the industry. Every marketing specialist we hire has been thoroughly vetted by us and has exceptional skills and extensive experience. We also only send you resumes of candidates who meet all of your specific requirements.
  • Convenient: the brand managers and other specialists you hire will match their schedule to yours. They also have access to dependable high-speed internet no there will be no issues with accessibility. Our marketing specialists possess good English skills and many of them speak several other languages so there will be no communication difficulties.
  • Fast: we have a large pool of talented marketing specialists to draw from so we can find a well qualified expert that meets your specific requirements in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Flexibility: hire a brand marketing manager on a full-time or part-time basis depending on your needs. You can also hire our marketing managers on a per project basis if that is what you prefer.

We are able to provide you with a single marketing expert or a complete team of specialists to handle all of your marketing needs.

hire brand manager

Steps to Hire a Brand Expert through Our Company

Once you have made the decision to hire a brand marketer through our company we will initiate our simple but effective process for hiring a specialist that meets all of your requirements.

  1. Provide our company with all of your requirements: we will talk with you either by phone or via Skype so you can let us know the specific requirements you expect in the brand marketer you hire so that we can find the best person for the job.
  2. Select a candidate: the resumes of the most suitable brand marketing candidates that match your requirements will be forwarded to you.
  3. Conduct interviews: arrangements will be made for you to conduct interviews of the candidates you most prefer by Skype or by video conference. If you feel it is necessary in order for you to make a final decision you can also administer a test to candidates.
  4. Final preparations: we will discuss the workflow and a start date will be determined. Once the service agreement is signed then everything is settled and ready to go.

Contact us to hire a skilled and experienced brand manager to increase your brand recognition and expand your marketing efforts!