Role of Email Marketing in Project Growth

Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves using email to promote your business’s products and services as well as build relationships with potential and existing customers. With all the other digital marketing channels available, email marketing is often overlooked but it is still among the best ways to grow your business. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should hire a pro for email marketing:

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  • Increases brand recognition: companies can get their brand image and name in front of audiences more often using their logo, taglines and graphics in email template designs.
  • Reach your target market: email marketing allows you to directly connect with your target audience on a regular basis so your company is the one they think of when they need the types of products or services you offer. 
  • Brings traffic to your website: you can include a link to your website in emails. A well written email that captures the recipient’s attention will encourage them to click your link.
  • Improve customer retention: it is much more expensive to gain new customers than to retain an existing customer and customer retention is critical to a business’s success. Using email marketing you can keep in touch with your customers and build relationships.
  • Cost-effective: email marketing is one of the most cost-effective methods of marketing you can use. Some studies show that email marketing has a ROI of $38 for every $1 spent. Email marketing services for small business owners make sense as there is a low thresh-hold for entry and it costs very little to get started compared to many other methods.

These are just a few of the ways email marketing can help your business. Adding an email marketing specialist to your marketing team will definitely benefit you. The problem is how to find people for cold email marketing and other email services. The answer is you can hire offshore email marketing specialists through companies like ours.

Email Marketing Experts Our Company Can Help You Hire

When you outsource email marketing services through our company we can hire a variety of email experts for you. Here are some of the types of email marketing specialists you can hire through our company:

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  • Email designer and developer: an email marketing manager for design and development creates email marketing materials for email campaigns and other email marketing efforts. Their duties include creating email templates and the content for emails. In addition they are responsible for coordinating digital resources required for email campaigns. They are familiar with a range of email marketing tools and are experienced in graphics and content creation. 
  • Email campaign manager: a campaign manager is an email marketing expert who develops and implements email marketing strategies for your company. They are responsible for things such as mapping out and maintaining your email calendar, forecasting and testing for daily batch and blast emails. In addition they analyze campaigns and provide recommendations to improve performance. An email campaign manager is experienced with a variety of email marketing tools. For example some may have a marketing cloud email specialist certification indicating their expertise with the Salesforce email application.
  • Data management expert: another type of email marketing help for hire is a data management specialist. The specialist will be involved in developing your email list database and email segregation into categories using customer demographic data and data generated from website behavior such as time spent on page, icons clicked and much more. 
  • Email automation expert: email automation experts set up workflows for emails that take potential customers through the buying process turning them from prospects into customers. Depending on your particular needs they can automate welcome, promotional, cart abandonment, post-purchase and any other type of email you need. They also analyze customer behaviors and design segmentation strategies for each automation campaign.
  • Email marketing consultant: when you hire email marketing consultant you are getting somebody who has knowledge of every aspect of email marketing. The range of email marketing consulting services cover email design and development, email list creation, email automation, content creation and delivery, tracking and more.  The email marketing consultant understands every step in the process and how they all fit together. 
  • Email marketing copywriters: if you need somebody to provide the written content of your emails then you are looking for email marketing copywriters for hire. There are many types of marketing emails such as promotional emails, newsletter emails, cold emails and many others. Each requires a different approach and our copywriters are familiar with all of them.

Our company can hire any type of email marketing specialist you need. Incidentally, we can also provide other types of internet marketers such as a product marketing specialist should you need one.

Email Marketing Services the Specialists We Hire For You Can Provide

The email marketing manager remote specialists you hire through our company can provide a wide variety of services. These include:

  • Cold/outbound emails: cold emails are a type of outbound marketing where emails are sent to potential buyers you have no prior relationship with. An email list is created based on potential customer profiles. Service includes writing cold copy, scheduling delivery, complying with regulations, tracking results and more.
  • Promotional emails: promotional email service involves informing the receiver about new or existing products. The intention is to spread the word about special offers, holiday offers, special events and other special offers. Service includes setting up campaigns, copywriting, template creation, tracking and list creation.
  • Newsletter emails: newsletters are a type of email that provides news, tips, company/product updates and other information related to your business and of interest to your customers. Email newsletters are known as permission marketing because the intended receiver has indicated they want you to keep in touch. Service includes content creation, development of a branded template, scheduling, delivery and tracking.
  • Up-sell/cross-sell emails: up-selling is convincing a customer to buy a more expensive version of a product while cross-selling involves promoting products or services that complement a product a customer already has. Template development, content creation, scheduling, sending tracking and more are included.
  • Inbound emails: inbound email marketing is sending emails to people who have indicated they are interested in your product/services and brand. They have provided you with their email address in order to get further information.  Inbound email services focus on creating email lists, segmentation of contents, content creation targeted at a specific audience and tracking results among other things.

There are many other email marketing outsourcing services our specialists can provide so just ask if you don’t see it on the list.

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How We Differ From Other Companies When Hiring Dedicated Marketing Professionals

We are a Ukrainian company that focuses on hiring internet marketing specialists of all types for our clients. Whether you need a PPC manager, an email marketing expert or some other type of marketing specialist we can find and hire the person you need. Some of the ways we differ from other companies include:

  • Highly experienced: the email marketing manager remote specialist we hire for you will be skilled and experienced. There are now many leading companies from around the world, from Microsoft to Samsung that have offices in the country and hire locally. 
  • Award winning: from winning top rankings in the outsourcing journal through to being in the top 50 of most innovative countries according to Bloomberg the country is being noticed as the go to place for tech related work.
  • Language: the majority of specialists you will work with have advanced English skills ensuring that you avoid issues caused by poor communication.
  • Less “red tape”: the Ukraine government has improved and streamlined regulations and laws to make it easier to do business within the country.

To increase sales and improve customer retention contact us and hire an email marketing specialist to provide your email marketing needs!