Role of a Dedicated Marketing Project Manager

Marketing product management involves the planning, implementation and completion of various tasks and goals for a marketing campaign and the person in charge of all this is the marketing project manager. The digital marketing project manager oversees a fixed project from start to finish. Whereas a product manager’s duties involve managing the entire lifecycle of a particular product, the marketing project manager oversees a project or projects like marketing campaigns that have a fixed end. When you hire a software project manager for marketing some of their duties will include the following:

digital marketing project manager roles
  • Collaborate with marketing director to create a marketing strategy: when you hire an IT project manager for marketing they will map out the various tasks required for implementing the strategy.
  • Develop and manage a content calendar: marketing campaigns involve a regular content strategy. The project manager will help determine the types of content needed and create a calendar to ensure content is completed on time and published when it should be.
  • Work with writers and other content producers: depending on the company a project manager will work and coordinate with in-house content creators, source content from outside vendors or both.
  • Develop project budgets: marketing project managers are responsible for creating marketing campaign budgets.
  • Create project timelines: the project manager is responsible for establishing the project timeline and ensuring all team members adhere to it.

What to Look for When You Hire a Project Marketing Manager 

To be successful in their position the project manager needs certain skills and abilities to carry out their role. Here are some of the skills you should look for when you hire a project manager:

  • Leadership skills: when you hire project manager for app development or any type of project they are assuming a leadership role. They help set the vision for the project and must be able to motivate their team and be able resolve issues that may crop up.
  • Delegation skills: the project manager should be able to define the tasks and activities involved in the project and assign them to the different members of the team with the appropriate skills. If your marketing campaign incorporates an email strategy then somebody with the skills of an email marketing specialist needs to be assigned to those activities.
  • Organizational skills: the project manager is responsible for keeping team members organized and must make sure that the different tasks assigned to project management team members all come together to ensure a successful campaign.
  • Analytical skills: the analysis of information is critical to a marketing team’s success. The project manager needs the ability to analyze data and interpret the results to ensure the project produces the best results and the desired outcomes.
  • Social media skills: many marketing campaigns incorporate SSM into their strategies. Although the marketing team may include a SMM manager, the project manager must still have a thorough understanding of the basics to fit it into their overall strategy.
  • Time management: it is essential that a project manager be able to schedule and manage the time of different project tasks. Many of the tasks that are part of a project won’t be able to be completed until other tasks are finished so the project manager has to see that tasks are completed on time and avoid any time gaps between activities.
  • Communication skills: to be successful, marketing projects require a lot of communication and coordination. A project manager needs the ability to convey information in a clear manner as well making sure there is an efficient communication workflow between team members and others involved in the project.

When seeking a project manager for hire it is often difficult to find the person you need that has the skills and experience you require.

hire marketing project manager

Why Choose a Remote Project Manager Instead of Hiring In-House or Using Freelancer

A business has several options when they decide to hire a project marketing manager. Here are three of the most common options a company might use:

  • Hire an in-house marketing project manager: hiring an in-house project manager gives you more control as you will have face-to-face contact with them on a regular basis. They may also be more familiar with your products and services. However finding a project manager with the experience and skill-set you need in the local talent pool could be difficult as there will be a limited number of prospects. In addition salaries for in-house staff can be high and there are a lot of associated expenses such as office space, paid vacation days, insurance and various administrative costs.
  • Freelancers: you can hire project manager online using a freelance agency such as Upwork. Freelancers often offer some of the most favorable rates and you will have access to marketing project managers from all around the world. On the downside it is hard to verify the skills of freelance project managers and there can sometimes be communication issues. You also have no way to be sure that the freelancer will stay for the duration of the project.
  • Hire marketing project manager remote specialists: many businesses choose to use onshore offshore project management agencies to hire a remote project manager. Project management consultancy services provided by staff hired through an outsourcing agency are generally more cost-effective. Salaries tend to be lower and you don’t have the associated costs that come with hiring in-house. You will have access to a large pool of talent from many different countries whose skills and experience have been verified by the marketing IT project management staffing agency. The best staffing firms for project management are capable of providing your business with a complete marketing team.

To get a highly skilled marketing project manager who is both experienced and affordable the best option is to use an offshore project management staffing agency like ours. 

How Our Company Can Assist You with Finding Your Ideal Project Manager

We are a Ukrainian-based company that specializes in hiring marketing specialists including marketing-related IT project management consulting services such as UI/UX designers. Our project management consultancy staffing company has a large pool of skilled project managers and another marketing talent to draw on meaning we can find a skilled and experienced specialist that meets your requirements quickly. When you hire a virtual project manager using our company there are a number of steps we take to ensure you get your ideal project manager

  1. You provide us with all of your requirements for a marketing project manager: we will speak with you by phone or via Skype to ensure we know exactly what your requirements are.
  2. Select a candidate: we forward the resumes of the most suitable project management candidates to you for review.
  3. Conduct interviews: you conduct interviews of your preferred candidates by Skype or video conference. If necessary to aid in your decision you may also administer a test to candidates.
  4. Final preparations: we discuss the workflow and determine a start date. As soon as the service agreement is signed everything is good and ready to go.

All members of project management offshore teams you hire through our company have been thoroughly vetted and their skills and experience verified. Aside from outsourcing project management services through us, you can also find any other type of marketing specialist using our agency.

What the Project Management Specialists We Hire Can Do for You

Offshore outsourcing project management staff through our company can provide you with many different services. Here are some of the project management services the specialists we hire can provide.

marketing project manager remote responsibilities
  • Determine tasks to achieve project goals: the project manager makes sure goals are outlined. They will also determine key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the project. Use feedback and conduct research to determine materials and other requirements necessary to complete tasks.
  • Develop project plans: the project manager will develop project plans that will be used to track tasks, budgets and resources while sticking to the established timeline.
  • Monitor project execution: all marketing projects should have quantifiable KPIs. The project manager collects data and analyzes it, comparing the results against the established metrics to determine the progress of the project. Data analysis can tell you if any adjustments need to be made in the plan. 
  • Content: work with content creators to develop designs and copy that will work towards accomplishing project goals.
  • Reporting: provide the relevant departments and management with reports on the projects progress.
  • Project evaluation: after the completion of a project the final outcome will be analyzed to determine its overall success and what improvements could be made to make future projects better. Successful projects can serve as a model for future projects.

When you outsource project management through our company the specialists we hire for you can provide any marketing service you need. 

For well run marketing campaigns contact us and hire marketing project manager with the skills and experience you need!