Why You Should Hire PPC Expert for Your Business

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, is a method of advertising where the business running an ad pays a fee each time somebody clicks the advertisement. They are a good option for businesses as they are only paying for the traffic generated by the ads. A good PPC campaign directs potential customers to perform an action such as purchasing a product, completing a form or getting a quote request.

PPC is a cost-effective way to reach customers and provides instant traffic. In addition, PPC ads produce quality leads as when a person clicks you know they are already interested in your product.

The person responsible for implementing Pay-Per-Click strategies for a business is the PPC manager and they play an important role on your marketing team. Here are some of the reasons for hiring a PPC account manager: 

  • PPC is complicated: PPC is a specialized field and it can be complicated if you aren’t familiar with it. 
  • Technical expertise: one of the most important parts of a PPC campaign is tracking and data analysis. A PPC campaign manager has the analytical and technical skills to perform the job.
  • Keyword research: a successful PPC campaign requires in-depth keyword research which is something PPC specialists excel at. 
  • Good ad copy: a PPC specialist understands good copy and knows how to create ads that work. 
  • Landing pages: a PPC specialist understands the principles of landing page design and knows how to optimize pages to improve conversion rates..

Services That a PPC Expert Can Provide

When you hire digital marketer PPC specialists they bring expertise in a lot of areas of Pay-Per-Click advertising. Here are some of the PPC campaign management services they can provide.

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  • Ad management: PPC advertising services involve overseeing and managing your company’s PPC ad spending.  The specialist keeps an eye on overall ROI and uses that to determine the amount spent and the extent of ad buys. Keyword analysis, channel selection, A/B testing, monitoring the success of campaigns and competitor analysis are also included.
  • Ad remarketing: PPC services for ad remarketing entail using cookies or a list of contacts to target potential customers who have previously engaged with your company through some action such as visiting a page on your website. A special tracking code places a cookie in the browser of those selected and ads are served to anybody having this code on the Display and Search network. Remarketing targets those who have already expressed enough interest in your product to visit your website increasing the chances of a conversion. The target audience can be selected based on the product page visited, time spent on site, demographics, location or some other factor. 
  • Native advertising: native advertising is the use of paid ads that match the look and feel of the media where they are displayed. In other words they are ads that don’t really look like advertisements. They appear to be part of the editorial flow of the website where they appear. The publisher controls the ad and is responsible it’s rendering. They are often used on social media feeds or on web pages as recommended content. Native ads are less intrusive and get more views than traditional display ads.
  • Video ad management: video ads are becoming more popular. Aside from the fact that video is more engaging, major platforms like Google and YouTube allow you to target your audience by demographics rather than keywords which is more efficient. The video ad specialist develops a strategy for your campaign, analyzes your competitors and assists in the creation of ads as well as tracking results. With video ads you pay when somebody watches your video or clicks on an interactive element. There is a bidding process for ad placement which can also be handled by the specialist or by a media buyer if your company has one.
  • Social media advertising: social media PPC focuses on social media platforms. It is a popular type of marketing as your audience is targeted using demographics rather than keyword. It uses two bid strategies. These are Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM). Typically ads are displayed in people’s news feed or timelines which reduces the effect of ad blockers. Deeper engagement is possible with social media PPC as users can Like, Follow, Re-Tweet or Share content. 
  • PPC audits: PPC audits measures the success of your PPC strategy by analyzing cost, performance and return of your ad campaigns and individual ads. The results of audits can be used to make adjustments to your campaigns and ads for better performance and should be done on a regular basis.

These and many other PPC marketing services can be obtained when you outsource PPC specialists through a company like ours.

How to Hire a PPC Manager

If you are looking to hire a PPC/SEM analyst or some other specialist in PPC there are several approaches you could take. One option that has become popular in recent years is the dedicated model. How it works is an offshore PPC services provider makes an agreement with a client to provide PPC consulting services through specialists they hire for the company based on specified skills and other requirements. The PPC outsourcing agency will hire PPC experts for the company that fulfill the client’s requirements. The client pays a monthly fee to the PPC outsourcing agency made up of the team member’s salaries and a service provider fee which includes administrative costs. Let’s see how this method looks compared to hiring in-house staff or free lancers:

  • Hire PPC client manager in-house: this will give you more control over your project as you have face-to-face contact on a regular basis. However it can be difficult to find PPC specialist locally that meets all of your requirements, the salary will be higher and there are associated costs like office space and paid vacations and sick days.
  • Hire a freelance PPC manager: the cost to hire a PPC contractor through a freelance site is generally low. However the quality of work is uncertain and you can’t be sure a freelancer will stick with the project.
  • Hire a dedicated remote SEM/PPC manager: when you hire dedicated PPC manager remote experts through an outsourcing/outstaffing company like ours the cost will be less than getting an in-house specialist. Salaries are lower, there aren’t a lot of associated expenses, they will be there the duration of the contract and you can be confident the quality of their work is equal to or better than that of in-house staff.

Once you consider cost versus skills and experience you get the best PPC management services by hiring PPC experts using the dedicated model like our company offers. 

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Benefits of Hiring a PPC Specialist Through an Agency Like Ours

There are a number of benefits when you hire PPC specialist remote staff through an agency like ours:

  • The staff hired is dedicated to the client.
  • You get exactly the skills and experience you need.
  • It is cost-efficient as you don’t have to spend on recruitment, HR services, administrative tasks and other expenses associated with in-house staff. 
  • You have access to talent from around the world.

The best and most effective way how to build a PPC team is using an agency like ours. How much does it cost to hire a PPC manager and team using an outsourcing agency? That will depend on the size of your team and the specific specialists you need but you can be sure it is considerably less than hiring in-house.

Do you need to find a PPC agency to hire dedicated specialists for your team? You need to look no further. We are a Ukrainian company that provides any type of online marketing specialist you need. Whether it is a PPC expert, a digital marketing project manager or some other marketing specialist we are capable of filling the position with a qualified professional. Some of the reasons to use our company to provide your PPC marketing needs include: 

  • Up to date skills: hire a PPC specialist based on your specific needs. You can hire PPC experts that fully understand the current marketplace.
  • English language skills: you can ensure your PPC team fully understand your requirements and reduce costly misunderstandings due to the high level of English language skills.
  • Reliability: we have a large pool of reliable PPC specialists to draw on. A qualified PPC expert that you can trust can be found in short amount of time due to the amount of skilled professionals we have.
  • Easy communication: Ukraine’s working hours are similar to those in Western Europe and overlap with some North American office hours. Our specialists will accommodate your working hours. They also have dependable high-speed internet.

To create effective Pay-Per-Click campaigns contact us and hire a PPC manager to add to your marketing team!