When Does It Make Sense to Invest in Sales Lead Generation Services

It is important for a company to have a continuous supply of well-qualified leads in order to have sales. A lead gen specialist is a professional who specializes in finding and qualifying potential customers. Here are some of the reasons when it may make sense to invest in lead generation services.

when it is time to hire lead generation expert
  • Sales personnel have no meetings scheduled: your business isn’t making any money or growing when your sales people are sitting around idle because they have no potential customers to pitch. Expand your prospects and potential customer base with B2B lead generation outsourcing.
  • Leads aren’t converting: if your leads aren’t converting chances are they haven’t been qualified. No matter how good your salespeople are they won’t be able to close a deal if they are selling to the wrong audience. One of the tasks of a sales lead generation specialist is to evaluate leads to ensure that your sales team isn’t wasting their time.
  • You aren’t able to generate leads on your own: with the internet lead generation has changed tremendously in the past few years and has become a rather specialized field. A lead generation expert is up to date on all the different lead generation methods and knows what works best for different industries.
  • You want to expand: if you are like most business owners you would like to grow your business. To do this you need more sales which in turn require your sales team to have more leads. Whether you want to grow in your own area or expand into a new region, using lead gen services can benefit you by identifying and qualifying new potential customers.

Now that you know you need one, the next question is where to hire a lead generation expert. It can be difficult to find the lead generation marketing manager and other experts you need locally. One alternative is to hire a digital marketing manager remote specialist in lead generation through an outsourcing service like ours.

Why Outsource Lead Generation Services Instead of Extending Your In-House Team

Whether you are looking to expand an existing team or build a lead gen team from scratch you have the option to do it in-house or you can outsource lead generation and sales functions. Some of the reasons offshore lead generation is preferable to having an in-house team include:

  • Lower expenses: to begin with the salaries of a lead generation specialist remote offshore team will be less than hiring a team locally not to mention there will be fewer associated expenses such as paid vacation, paid sick days and insurance. In addition there will be fewer overhead expenses such as office space, equipment and the cost of recruiting and training a team.
  • Resources and time: when you hire an in-house team you will have to put both time and resources into hiring personnel and training them. In addition you will need to develop processes and support for HR issues. When you outsource you don’t have to worry about these matters.
  • Processes and strategy: when you outsource lead generation services you are getting skilled and experienced specialists who are already familiar with a variety of lead generation strategies and processes. Whether you need a LinkedIn sales solutions lead gen expert or some other lead generation specialty, an outsourcing service will have access to the specialist you require. They also have the experience to quickly determine whether a campaign is working or not. There will be no learning curve to deal with and you will avoid wasting resources running an unsuccessful campaign.

Main Lead Generation Services Staff We Hire Can Provide

When you hire lead generation professional specialists from our company there are a number of different services they can provide. Some of the main services offered include:

main lead generation services
  • Identify buyer profile: you can’t have an effective lead generation campaign without knowing who it is you are trying to target. The first step in lead generation is identifying potential customers by demographics, their requirements, budgets and other criteria.
  • Develop a lead generation vehicle: after identifying your audience you need to develop a strategy to turn them into leads. The method or methods you use will depend on your audience. B2B lead generation in the heavy equipment industry will use a different approach than a site selling maternity clothes to expectant mothers. Whether you need email lead generation services or some other lead generation method our experts will determine and implement the best medium to generate leads for your particular audience.
  • Database management: once leads are being generated they have to be managed. Our specialists can develop a database of leads so they can be studied, filtered and categorized. Databases have to be regularly maintained by eliminating old and inactive leads, duplicate leads, leads with inaccurate data and new leads have to be added.
  • Lead qualification: not all leads are the same. Our lead qualification experts will score your leads so you can set an order of priority. Leads can be scored based on the channels they responded on, number of contacts made and other criteria. A potential customer who fills out a form to get more information will likely be a better lead than one who liked a post on Facebook and visited your site for a couple of minutes. 
  • Data analytics: data analysis first comes into play when potential customers are being identified but it doesn’t stop there. During the lead generation process a lot of data is also generated. It can be analyzed and used to better understand your audience. Data analysis is also used to examine different metrics of your lead generation campaign so you can determine what is working and what isn’t.

Skills and Main Tools a Lead Generation Expert Needs for Success

A lead generation manager needs certain skills in order to be successful. The following are some of the essential skills a lead generation expert needs:

  • Communication skills: exceptional communication skills are necessary for good lead generation. Aside from creating content that attracts potential customers it is also necessary to convey information accurately to sales and other members of the marketing team. 
  • Familiar with CRM software: one of the tools essential for good lead generation is CRM software (customer management relationship software). A lead generation expert needs to be familiar with the most popular CRMs.
  • Knowledge of the sales funnel: lead generation specialists should be familiar with every step of the sales funnel. This will enable them to better qualify leads and score them as well as communicate more effectively with the sales and marketing team regarding leads.
  • Data analytics: good lead generation involves an analytical approach to data. Almost every step of online marketing generates some type of data. A lead generation specialist must be able to determine what data is relevant analyze it to determine what it means to the lead generation process. Analyzing various metrics lets the specialist know what is working and what isn’t so campaigns can be adjusted accordingly and be more effective.

Experience is another factor that goes into making a lead generation expert. It takes a minimum of 2 to 3 years working on a variety of lead generation projects in different roles to develop a high level of expertise.

There are several types of tools for online lead gen a specialist need to be familiar with. There are literally hundreds of different tools related to lead generation and obviously, a person won’t be well versed with all of them. However, they should be familiar with two or three of the top tools in each of the following areas:

  • Lead generation and email marketing
  • Email address finders
  • Prospecting and outreach tools
  • CRMs

Proficiency using Google Analytics or some other data analysis tool is also a must.

hire lead gen specialist

Why You Should Select Our Company for Your Lead Generation Needs

We are an online marketing services outsourcing company that can provide you with a wide range of specialists from a content marketing manager to a lead generation expert. Some of the reasons you should choose us for building a lead generation team include:

  • Flexible: lead generation specialists are provided based on what you require. Specialists can be hired full-time, part-time or on a by-the-project basis. You can hire 1 specialist or a complete team depending on your needs.
  • Easy to scale: your needs and requirements can change on short notice. We can help you quickly scale up your lead generation team with qualified and experienced specialists.
  • Experience: our specialists come from many different fields and have experience providing lead generation services in a variety of industries.
  • Reliable: our lead generation specialists have proven themselves and can be depended on to provide the services you need.

Contact us and hire a lead generation specialist to increase the number of high quality leads for your salespeople!