Perks of Hiring a Professional Media Buyer

Media buying is the process of purchasing ad space and time on different platforms such as websites, YouTube social media sites and even search engine results pages. The person who is responsible for negotiating with publishers for ad inventory, managing budgets and optimizing ads is the media buyer and they are a critical part of a marketing campaigns success. Here are some of the benefits when you hire media buyer to work with your marketing team.

  • Experience: a digital media buyer has experience in the industry. They are familiar with the various platforms and tools that are available and have established a network of relationships which enables them to get favorable pricing and placement for your company’s ads.
  • Work within a budget: most companies don’t have an unlimited budget to throw at advertising. A professional media buyer knows how to work with a budget so you get the most out of the money you spend on ad placements. 
  • Ad analysis: a good media buyer analyzes the various ads and their placement in campaigns in order to determine what is working and what isn’t so you don’t end up continuously spending on ads that don’t work.
  • Best practices for ad campaigns: media managers know the best practices for running ad campaigns und are familiar with the different strategies that will result in conversions. Their experience with past campaigns can be applied to campaigns your company runs.

If you aren’t familiar with media buying specialists and are unsure how to hire a Facebook media buyer you may want to consider hiring an expert through an offshore media planning and buying agency like ours.

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How Our Company Can Assist You with Hiring Media Buyers

We are a Ukrainian company that specializes in hiring marketing specialists for businesses and companies around the world. Whether you need to hire web designer, media buyer or some other type of marketing expert we can find the specialist you need. Our online media buying specialists are skilled and experienced and all of their qualifications have been verified by us. The specialists you hire through our media buying agency are based in Ukraine where salaries are much lower than those in Western Europe and North America. The following is how to hire junior media buyer and other marketing specialists through our company.

  1. Provide our company with all of your requirements: we will communicate with you either by phone or via Skype so you can relay to us your specific requirements for the digital media buyer remote specialist you want to hire.
  2. Select a candidate: we will forward the resumes of the most suitable online media buyer candidates that match your specified requirements.
  3. Conduct interviews: you conduct interviews of the candidates you prefer by Skype or by video conference. If you feel it is necessary you may also administer a brief test to aid you in your final selection.
  4. Final preparations: we discuss the workflow and determine a start date. As soon as the service agreement is signed everything is settled and ready to go.

Skills and Qualifications of a Media Buyer

There are certain skills and qualifications a media buying consultant needs in order to fulfill their role successfully. Here are some of the things you should look for in a media buyer.

  • Good negotiating skills: a media buyer needs strong negotiating skills in order to get the best combination of price, target market and exposure for each ad they place.
  • Familiar with different advertising platforms: the media buyer should be familiar with advertising platforms like Google, YouTube and a variety of social media sites. A marketing team may look for a social media manager for hire to handle many social media marketing tasks but the media buyer must be familiar with their advertising practices.
  • Knowledge of media buyer tools: there are many types of tools that a good media buyer works with. They need knowledge of analytical tools such as Google analytics, demographic databases like Scarborough, audience insight tools like ComScore Data and tools like Google Trends and Think with Google that let you know about search trends and provide consumer insights.
  • Research skills: a media buyer needs to be able to find out what works with the different consumers they target by conducting research to determine what motivates a targeted group to buy.
  • Analysis skills: media buyers need to be able to analyze the different metrics of a campaign to determine what is working and to interpret data to make strategic decisions for future campaigns as well as to make adjustments to current campaigns

It is best to hire a media buyer who already has experience conducting ad campaigns if you are looking for somebody to manage your media buying. Generally, a degree in marketing, advertising or a related field is preferable.

What a Media Buyer Can Help You With When Working on Your Project

There are numerous media buying services that the specialist we hire for you can provide. Here are a few of the things that a media buyer can help you with.

digital media buyer roles
  • Identifying the target audience for each media campaign that you run
  • Determine the best way to communicate with identified target audiences
  • Monitor and analyze the media buying strategy of your competitors
  • Develop a strategy using the best mix of media types and placement to achieve the best results
  • Collect and analyze media, sales and consumer data to optimize the media buying strategy
  • Negotiate to obtain optimal media placement for ads and get the best rates
  • Analyze the effectiveness of ad campaigns to determine if adjustments need to be made
  • Work with various platforms to adjust media ad plans in response to competitor’s activities or changes in audience behavior

These are some of the regular digital media buying services the specialist we hire for you can provide. 

For lower costs and best ad placement contact us and hire a media buyer to bolster your marketing team!