Boost Your Projects Success by Extending Your Marketing Team with Content Writers

Content writing is the creation of written content for online marketing purposes. Well-written content engages the audience, increases your visibility and increases sales of your products and services. Not just anyone is capable of writing good content. Assigning content writing duties to professional content writers is the best way to get good results. Your company will gain a lot of benefits when you hire content writers to extend your marketing team.

reasons to hire remote content writer
  • Increase brand awareness: by producing well written and useful content that relates to your brand a web content writer will increase brand awareness in readers.
  • Improve SEO: by incorporating keywords naturally in well written content, the writer will improve SEO on your site and get pages and posts to rank higher in search engine results. 
  • Increase backlinks: a good content writer can increase the number of high quality back-links from authoritative sites to your site. 
  • Keep visitors returning to your site: when the content writer produce content that is interesting and useful to your audience on a regular basis, readers will return more often.
  • Guide customer through the sales funnel: the content writer moves potential customers through your sales funnel by first capturing their attention with general information and following it up with specific data and product information that convinces people to buy your products and services.
  • Increase sales: ultimately by bringing more visitors to your site and guiding them through your sales funnel, content writers will increase your sales.

These are just a few of the benefits a marketing content writer will bring to your business.

What Can Good Content Creation Services Provide?

There are many different types of content a good content writer may be tasked with composing. Here are some of the most common types of content a content writer may be asked to write:

  • Blog posts: blog articles are the foundation of content strategy and if you want it done well you should hire blog content writer who can help establish you as an authority in your niche by providing informative and valuable content to your readers. Blog content writing services can cover many types of writing including tutorials, industry news, checklists, infographics and more.
  • Copywriting: when a business needs writing such as website copy, product descriptions, advertisements and press releases they will want to hire a copywriter. Basically if it is content related to marketing and the promotion of products it falls into the copywriting category.
  • Emails: marketing emails are an excellent way to develop leads and engage with existing customers. Email writing is usually aimed at an existing base that is already somewhat familiar with you and your brand. Email content should provide extra value to maintain customer’s interest and keep them engaged.
  • Social media posts: social media platforms are extremely useful for initiating engagement with potential customers. Typically social media posts are shorter and platforms serve as a hub that the social media content specialist uses to guide readers to your other content with their posts. Many social media platforms offer digital advertising services that the content writer can use to target a specific audience with their content.
  • Case studies: basically, a case study tells the reader what you do, how you do it and the results. It relates how your product or service solved a problem. Case studies are especially useful in B2B and service-based industries.

Necessary Skills and Qualifications of a Content Writer

To provide good content writing services there are certain essential skills and qualifications that the content writer needs. Before you hire full time content writer to extend your marketing team you need to make sure they have the necessary skills.

  • Excellent writing skills: this one is obvious but it is the most important skill a content writer needs.  Good writing isn’t just about being technically correct and using proper grammar. They need to be able to write content in a way that appeals to your target audience. 
  • Good research skills: one of the keys to good content writing is the ability to conduct good research as it adds credibility and value to content. Content writers need to be able to locate interesting and useful information from reliable sources.
  • Organizational skills: this is a useful skill to have to keep track of resources that you want to use in different content. It is also essential for keeping track of assignments. A content writer may have several ongoing assignments and they need to be able to prioritize and keep track of deadlines.
  • SEO: the content writer should be familiar with the basics of SEO and have the ability to use keywords effectively. Some companies hire SEO professionals to optimize sites but it is still up to the content writer to write descriptions and titles that are SEO friendly and and include keywords in their content in a natural way.
  • Editing: content writers must have good editing skills. A big part of writing is editing. This includes correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes as well as dealing with style issues in your writing. While some marketing teams have content editing services the writer shouldn’t depend on them to make their content good.

So you know you need professional content writing services and you know the essential skills a writer needs. The question is how to find the right content writer that meets your requirements. 

hire content writers and editors

Dedicated Remote Content Writer versus In-house or Freelance Writers

If you need to find a writer for your content needs you have several options. 

You can hire a digital marketing content writer in-house.

The pros of hiring an in-house writer include:

  • More control over writers: you can have direct contact with the writer on a regular basis which provides more control
  • Industry experience: an in-house writer will likely have a deeper understanding of the brand, audience and products of your business

The cons when you hire content creators in-house:

  • More expensive: the salary of an in-house writer will likely be higher and there will be additional expenses like office space, paid vacation days, paid sick days and insurance
  • Narrower focus: the content writer may be required to write outside their field of expertise

Another option to hire content generator for your marketing team is to use freelancers.

The pros of using freelance content writers are:

  • Access to a larger pool of talent: hire freelancers from around the world
  • You can negotiate for lower rates:keep your costs down
  • Can hire as needed: you aren’t paying a salary during slow periods

The cons of hiring a freelancer to provide content creation services:

  • Not always dependable: it can be difficult to enforce deadlines and if the freelancer disappears you have to find content writers fast
  • Quality fluctuates: you can’t be sure of the quality of content you will get and may end up purchasing content that doesn’t meet your requirements

A third option is to hire dedicated content writer to work remotely through an outsourcing company.

Pros of hiring a remote content writer include:

  • Lower cost: the salary for a remote content creator will be much less than that of an in-house writer and you won’t have the associated expenses
  • Skilled and experienced: outsourcing companies verify the web content specialist has the necessary skills, qualifications and experience
  • Flexible: a virtual content writer can be hired full or part time. They can also be hired on a per-project basis.

The cons of hiring a remote content writer through an outsourcing company:

  • Lack of inside knowledge: the remote writer won’t have the inside knowledge of your brand and products that an in-house writer has

Of the three options, the third is the most profitable. You get skilled and experienced writers who are dependable at affordable rates.

How We Help You Find Your Ideal Content Writer

Our company can assist you with hiring any type of marketing specialist. Whether you need a brand manager or are seeking a content editor for hire we can get you the specialist you need. When you are looking for a content writer or content editor remote worker we take the following steps to find the personnel you need:

  1. Tell us your requirements: we will talk to you by phone or Skype to find out the specific requirements for your ideal content writer.
  2. Select a candidate: we forward the resumes of the best candidates that match your requirements to you.
  3. Conduct interviews: you conduct interviews of your preferred candidates by video conference or Skype and administer a test if you feel it is necessary to aid in your selection.
  4. Final preparation: we discuss the workflow and settle on a start date. After the service agreement is signed all is good to go.

To attract more visitors to your business and increase sales contact us and hire content writers to enhance your marketing team!