Content Management Role in Any Project

Content marketing is a niche within digital marketing that assists a business in generating leads, increasing sales and building brand awareness. The general role of the content marketing manager in any project is to direct a business’s content marketing operation. They are responsible for developing and implementing a content marketing strategy for marketing projects including the development of topics for campaigns. Other duties will include managing day-to-day content creation, editing and promotion. They will also analyze data from past campaigns as well as ongoing campaigns. Their purpose is to drive engagement and generate traffic to your business through their efforts.

Depending on the size of a business the role of the online content manager may vary somewhat. In a small business, they may do pretty much everything themselves while in a larger company they could head up a content management team of specialists in different areas.

It isn’t so easy to find the right person when you need to find a content manager to bolster your marketing efforts.  One way how to find a content and marketing manager that fits all of your requirements is to outsource services through a company like ours.

Online Content Marketing Services Staff We Hire for You Can Provide

When you hire content manager through our company there are many different services that they can provide. Here are some of the main content marketing services you get when you hire a remote content specialist through our company.

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  • Content management consulting: consulting services include doing a complete analysis of existing content along with suggestions on how it can be streamlined. In addition it covers keyword analysis based on your business and target audience including search terms used by the type of people looking for products/services like yours. A list of titles and topics that content should cover based on the keywords and search terms will also be provided. Quality content for website, social media and blogs and identifying platforms where you can promote content is included as well.
  • Web page design and template customization: a remote content manager can customize your web pages and templates to represent your brand and generate more leads. Content management systems (CMSs) are software that allows you to build and manage a website without having to code it from scratch. They come with predesigned pages and templates that you can use without being able to code at all. However, to keep your site from looking like every other site using the same CMS it will need to be customized which may require knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP.
  • SEO-friendly CMS development: if you want the content you post on your website to be seen it needs to rank high in search engine results. The digital content manager remote specialist you hire can optimize your CMS for SEO.  Page URLs, title tags and meta descriptions, image alt tags, headings, page speed, mobile optimization, XML site maps and many other factors affect SEO.
  • Developing content marketing plans: a remote content strategist will develop specific content marketing plans that include measurable goals with timelines, budget estimates, types of content required, topics to be covered and channels to distribute content and an execution plan that includes publishing frequency, production workflow and maintenance of content.
  • Content creation: one of the main services a remote content manager provides is content creation. Depending on the size of your company and the project they may create the content themselves or it may be necessary to hire content writers. Proofreading and editing also fall under content creation. Images, infographics and videos may have to be created or sourced.
  • Content uploading: all content will need to be formatted correctly, uploaded and meta information added and this is another service you get when you hire content marketer through our company.
  • Content SEO: it isn’t enough that the CMS be optimized. Every piece of content produced needs to be search engine optimized to produce the best results. The specialists we hire for you will provide SEO content services to make sure your content ranks high in search engine results.
  • Content monitoring and analysis: every piece of published content is continually monitored and analyzed to determine what works and what doesn’t. The conclusions drawn from data analysis will play a role in future content marketing strategy.

These are just a few of the services that can be provided when you hire website content manager through our company.

Skills and Qualities of the Virtual Content Manager We Will Hire for Your Project

Although each of our specialists is an individual there are some common skills and qualities that you will find in the typical remote content marketing manager we will hire for your project. Here are the basic skills and qualities that our content managers possess.

  • Good writing skills: as you would expect, all the content marketing managers we hire have superior writing skills. The ability to write well is critical to a content manager’s success. They must produce engaging, well written content that targets your audience and draws them in. Writing well includes good proofreading and editing skills as well as the ability to meet deadlines.
  • Technical ability: content management isn’t just about writing. A content manager must be proficient with the major CMSs and should also be familiar with HTML, CSS and PHP. 
  • Analytics: our specialists are familiar with Google analytics and other data analysis tools and also possess the ability to interpret data. Information from data allows the content manager to better understand and target the desired audience.
  • SEO: possess strong SEO skills and the ability to conduct detailed keyword research. Without good SEO content may never get seen.
  • Detail oriented: our specialists are good at seeing the big picture but they are also good at paying attention to the small details.
  • Creative: the content managers we hire are creative and have the ability to think outside the box and come up with new strategies when something isn’t working.
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Why Work with Us to Find Your Ideal Content Specialist

We are a Ukrainian company that focuses on providing all types of remote digital marketing specialists including remote content management specialists. Some of the reasons to work with us include:

  • Flexibility: hire the content specialist you need based on your requirements. You can hire full time digital marketer content specialists or you can hire them part-time. If you prefer when you hire website content manager contract them on a per-project basis. 
  • Affordable: the content marketing specialists we hire for you are based in Ukraine. The salaries for content marketing professionals in Ukraine are considerably less than the salaries for hiring in-house content marketing experts in Western Europe and North America which means you will be lowering your expenses.
  • Convenient: the content marketing specialist we hire for you will adjust their schedule to match yours. There will be no communication issues as our content marketers have good English skills and many of them speak other languages as well. In addition they all have dependable high-speed internet so there will be no issues with accessibility.
  • Highly skilled: the content specialists we hire have been thoroughly vetted by us and their skills and experience verified. We only hire those content specialists with exceptional skills and extensive experience and no resume is forwarded to clients unless the candidate meets their requirements.
  • Speed: our company has access to a large pool of skilled content experts. This means we can quickly find the content marketer that fulfills all of your requirements.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a single content marketer or need an entire content marketing team we are capable of meeting your needs.

Process for Hiring a Content Marketing Specialist through Our Company

When you are ready to hire a specialist to provide content management services for your company we will begin the process we use to acquire the right content marketer for you.

  1. Provide our company with your complete requirements: we will talk with you either by phone or via Skype so you can let us know the specific requirements you expect in the content marketing manager you hire to help us find the best candidate.
  2. Select a candidate: the resumes of the most suitable content marketing candidates matching your requirements will be forwarded to you.
  3. Conduct interviews: you conduct interviews of the candidates you most prefer by Skype or by video conference. If necessary in order for you to make a final decision you can also administer a test to candidates.
  4. Final preparations: we will discuss the workflow and a start date will be determined. Once the service agreement is signed then everything is settled and ready to go.

For high quality content that engages customers contact us and hire a content marketing manager to develop the best content strategy for your business!