Roles and Responsibilities of a UI/UX Designer

UX (User Experience) designers are responsible for the experience a user has when they interact with a website or some other platform. UI (User Interface) designers are concerned with designing the interface elements of a website. UI design is actually considered a UX function so while they are actually 2 different jobs they work together and often the role is performed by 1 person, the UI/UX designer. When you hire UI UX web designer some of their responsibilities will include: 

  • Create user-centered designs: the designer will develop a strategy for creating the project based on their analysis of consumer feedback and usability findings with a focus on the user’s needs. Data can be collected using a variety of methods including competitive analysis, interviews with users and online surveys.
  • Development: create user flows and develop wireframes laying out the structural design of the product including each function and feature. A wireframe is essentially a blueprint of each screen of the interface that shows how it will work rather than how it will look. All the interface components necessary for all possible interactions are included.  Following wireframes a prototype of the product is built that typically includes all its features. Prototypes are used by the designer to test functionality before construction of the final product.
  • Testing: test the minimum viable product (MVP). The MVP is the first version of a product with the minimum qualifications to go to market. Feedback is collected from users and any problems are identified and resolved.

UI/UX design is an important part of a product or website as it affects how the user perceives it. It isn’t easy to find a good UI UX designer for hire that meets all of your requirements and there is a growing demand for qualified specialists to fill positions.

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How and Where to Hire a Top UI/UX Designers

Once you have decided you need to hire a UI/UX designer the next question is how and where you are going to find one. There are several different approaches you can take to hire UX UI designer.

  • Try and find UX/UI designer to work in-house. You can check sites like Indeed to find the designer you need. LinkedIn is another place to seek a UI/UX designer and you can also post on job boards. Having an in-house designer gives you more control. However, it can be quite hard to find one in your local area and you can expect to pay a higher salary.
  • Freelancers. Looking for a UI UX designer on freelance sites is an option. Freelance sites such as Upwork, Fiverr and can often be used to find UI UX designer and the rates for freelancers are also quite favorable. In addition freelance sites allow you to hire a UI UX graphic designer from anywhere in the world that has internet access. The downside is that it’s hard to verify a freelancer’s skills so you can’t always be sure of the quality of work you will get. Depending on where they are located there can sometimes be communication issues and there is no way to be sure a freelance UI designer for hire will stay around until the end of the project.
  • Use an outsourcing/outstaffing company. You can use an outsourcing company to hire a dedicated UX UI remote designer for you. The advantages are that the salaries for UI UX designer remote staff are generally considerably less than salaries for in-house employees and you won’t have to deal with associated expenses like office space, paid vacation, paid sick days, holidays and more. You will have access to skilled and experienced UI/UX designers from many countries and with many outsourcing agencies you can hire a dedicated UI/UX design team on demand without having to spend months looking for qualified people.

For experienced and skilled specialists at affordable rates the best way how to hire a UX designer is through an outsourcing/outstaffing agency like ours.

Cost to Hire UI/UX Designers in Different Countries 

The cost to hire a user experience designer varies a great deal depending on the location. Salary rates will also depend on the skills and experience of the designer. For example, a senior UI UX designer will be paid considerably more than a junior UX/UI designer. The following are the median salaries for UI/UX designers from several different countries from Glassdoor and Salaryexpert:

  • United States: $93,653 per year 
  • Canada: $60,518 per year
  • United Kingdom: $71,575 per year 
  • France: $47,625 per year 
  • Germany: $64,589 per year 
  • Denmark: $71,322 per year
  • Poland: $31,827 per year 
  • Ukraine: $21,200-$32,400 per year
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As you can see Ukraine which is known for the quality of its UI/UX designers has the lowest average salary on the list closely followed by Poland, another country known for providing top-quality technical specialists. When you need affordable high-quality UI UX design services Ukraine is one of your best options.

Why Businesses Worldwide Choose Ukraine for Hiring Dedicated UI/UX Designers

Companies from all over the world turn to Ukraine when they outsource UI UX design for their projects. Here are a few reasons why Ukraine is a popular location to build or add on to a user experience design team.

  • Tech community: Ukraine has many successful startups and a large number of international companies have branches based there. There are numerous regional and capital offshore providers with expertise in web application development. UX/UI designers in different regions hold regular seminars and conferences as do developers in other areas.
  • Large talent pool: Ukraine is recognized for having a large number of IT professionals. There are over 200,000 IT specialists with an additional 30,000 graduating from top universities every year. There are many experienced UI/UX designers with the technical skills you require. Ukraine has more than 950 universities and colleges and IT professionals aren’t the only specialists they are producing. Professionals in fields like graphic design, marketing and other fields are also available. If you want to outsource marketing Ukraine offers many specialists with both technical and marketing expertise.
  • Value for money: it isn’t just low costs that brings companies to Ukraine to hire mobile UI designer and other specialists. It is about the value that they get. Outsourcing to Ukraine is cost efficient as they have an excellent price vs. quality ratio. There is no need to sacrifice high quality for low cost when you hire UI/UX developers.
  • Convenience: outsourcing to Ukraine is convenient for a number of reasons. They share similar working hours with Western European countries and there is some overlap with office hours in North America so scheduling meetings is not a problem. Ukraine also has good internet infrastructure and designers and other specialists have access to dependable high speed internet which is not the case with some outsourcing destinations. In addition Ukrainian professionals have good English skills and many of them speak several other languages as well. All these factors contribute to making Ukraine a convenient outsourcing destination.

How Our Company Differs From Many Others in Providing UI/UX Designer Hiring Assistance

We are a Ukraine-based company that specializes in hiring dedicated marketing experts for companies who want to build or expand their marketing teams. Whether you require a digital brand manager, a UI/UX designer or some other type of marketing specialist we are capable of fulfilling your staffing requirements. Some of the advantages we offer include:

  • Highly skilled experts: our company only hires UI/UX designers who have the highest level of skills and possess extensive experience. We vet every designer and verify that their experience and expertise meets our high standards. Before forwarding a candidates resume we ensure it fulfills all of your requirements so you don’t waste time reviewing candidates that don’t meet your needs. 
  • Flexibility: hire a UI/UX designer based on your specific needs. It is possible to hire designers full-time, part-time or on a per-project basis depending on what suits you the best. You can also hire a single designer or get a complete dedicated website UI/UX design team.
  • Fast: we have access to a large group of experienced UI/UX design specialists and because of the size of the talent pool available to us are able to quickly find the expert you need with the skill-set you require.
  • Cost-efficient: salaries for our Ukrainian UI/UX designers are much lower than those for designers in Western Europe and North America. Our company also handles all recruitment expenses as well as costs related to accounting and workplace.

For a website with a user-friendly experience and interface contact us and hire a UI/UX designer to work on your project!